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PAR38 LED Plant Grow Light Bulb- 18W (12 x 1.5W LEDs) - 10 Red:2 Blue LEDs

PAR38 LED Plant Grow Light Bulb- 18W (12 x 1.5W LEDs) - 10 Red:2 Blue LEDs

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This Qee Technology 18W (12 x 1.5W LEDs) PAR38 LED grow light is the perfect alternative to older types of horticultural lights because it runs cooler, consumes less power, focuses light into a smaller area, is environmentally friendly (no lead or mercury), and is more durable and reliable. The ratio of red to blue LEDs is 10 red (625nm-660nm):2 blue (440nm-450nm) which promotes the rapid growth of plants thereby shortening the growth cycle. It’s also great for growing or perking up any houseplant.

Red and blue light is very important for plant growth. Phytochrome pigments absorb the red and far red portions of the light spectrum and regulate seed germination, root development, tuber and bulb formation, dormancy, flowering and fruit production. Blue light stimulates chlorophyll production more than any other color, encouraging thick leaves, strong stems and compact vegetative growth.

LED grow lights are used by home gardening enthusiasts, florists, nurseries, scientific researchers, universities, and even NASA uses LED grow light technology to grow plants in space! LED grow lights are used to grow orchids, roses, peppers, tomatoes, basil, lettuce, herbs, kale, spinach, wheat grass, broccoli, wildflowers, cucumbers, and many other types of fruits and vegetables. They are also great for growing or perking up any houseplant. LED grow lights are great for seedlings since they can be placed in tight spaces without worrying about excessive heat build-up. LED grow lights are also suitable for all stages of plant growth. LED grow lights are the most efficient plant lights available, and provide better results than Metal Halide (MH), HPS and HID lights, and use approximately 60%-80% less power. They are also more durable, last longer and have a lower attenuation rate over time. The time is now! Make the switch to LED grow lights!

Spectral Energy Distribution


· Perfect alternative to older horticultural lights

· Uses 60%-80% less power than Metal Halide (MH), HPS and HID lights

· Uses only 18W of power (12 x 1.5W LEDs)

· Cool running resulting in less ambient heating

· 10 Red (625nm-660nm):2 Blue (440nm-450nm)

· Long life span of ≥ 50,000 hours

· Narrow 30° beam width focuses light on plant

· No ultraviolet emissions

· Vibration resistant

· Durable, reliable and long lasting

· Transparent cover for excellent light penetration

· Low attenuation rate over time

· Aluminum heatsink design keeps internal circuitry cooler increasing reliability

· Contains no lead or mercury

· IP44 location rating (splashing water)


· Home Gardening

· Indoor Plants

· Flower Gardening

· Vegetable Gardening

· Greenhouses

· Seed Germination

· Florists

· Nurseries

· Hydroponic Systems

· Plant Factories

· Scientific Researchers

· Universities



Qee Technology

Manufacturer’s Part Number


LED Color Ratio

10 Red (625nm-660nm):2 Blue (440nm-450nm)

Luminous Flux

222.1 Lumens (±10%)

Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density (PPFD)

1795 µmol photons m-2×s-1 @10cm

971 µmol photons m-2×s-1 @20cm

595 µmol photons m-2×s-1 @30cm

Attenuation Rate (@25ºC)

0% @ 500 hours

0% @ 1,000 hours

1% @ 2,000 hours

2.4% @ 4,000 hours

4% @ 6,000 hours

Bulb Shape


Base Type

Medium (E26)



Power Consumption

18W (12 x 1.5W LEDs)


126mm Height x 118.2mm Diameter

Beam Width



≥50,000 hours

Location Rating

IP44 (Splashing Water)

Number of LEDs

12 (10 Red:2 Blue)

Mercury Free


Lead Free


RoHS Compliant


CE Certified


FCC Compliant


PSE Compliant


Ultra Violet (UV) Emissions


Short Plastic Extension Clamp-On Bulb Holder Long Plastic Extension
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Short Plastic Extension Clamp-On Bulb Holder Long Plastic Extension

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