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Coldfire Faux Fire Tabletop Decor Flame Module

The Coldfire Flame Module by Illure is an innovative faux fire tabletop decor personal fireplace that can be used indoors or outdoors on a countertop, mantle or any flat surface as an entertaining and ambient visual lighting element that will be a show stopper at any gathering. Essential oils can be added to the Coldfire module to stimulate your room with any fragrance you desire.

What is Coldfire? Coldfire is a vapor emitting technology that converts liquid water into water vapor that is then forced up through an opening in the module by way of an internal fan. Internal warm white LED lights illuminate the water vapor as it rises creating an mesmerizing and soothing faux fire that will enhance the decor of any room in your home!

Each Coldfire Flame Module has a 24-hour automatic "TIMER" that automatically turns the module "OFF" after 3-hours and then back "ON" 21-hours later. This cycle will repeat until the module is taken out of the "TIMER" mode. A hand-held remote control is included with each Coldfire Flame Module, so it can be turned "ON" or "OFF" or put in the "TIMER" mode without having to handle the module. Each module includes a 4.5oz cup for conveniently filling the module with the proper amount of water. The module is powered by the included USB wall power adapter.

The Coldfire Flame Module is available in several different colors and finishes.

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