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High Quality Portable USB Power Banks

Our USB power banks actually work! Don’t be fooled by cheap USB power bank knockoffs!There are a lot of low quality, low cost USB power banks on the market, but you won’t find those at You get what you pay for which is why we only carry the highest quality USB power banks on the market at reasonable and competitive prices. We have tested various power banks from multiple manufacturers and have selected only a few of the highest quality suppliers. We don’t buy cheap power banks from “fire sales” or abandoned shipments of unknown origin. We know exactly who makes our power banks and where they come from. We stand behind our products. Why do we do all of this?Because we want you to be satisfied, and we want you to come back for more which is why we have a 30-day money back guarantee.

Reasons to Buy USB Power Banks from

· Reasonable and competitive prices

· We test all of our power banks

· We buy direct from the highest quality manufacturers

· Long-lasting, high reliability and high capacity Li-Ion Polymer batteries

· Quality construction and materials, so they won’t fall apart

· 30-day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied

· We provide detailed descriptions, specifications and photographs

Signs & Symptoms of Cheap Power Bank Knockoffs:

· They hardly cost anything (you get what you pay for)

· Terrible description and fuzzy photographs

· The storage capacity of the internal battery is lower than advertised

· The internal battery has a short service life

· It takes forever to charge your cell phone

· The USB connectors fail

· If falls apart

· It stops working

Don't trust your expensive cell phone or portable electronic device to a cheap low quality power bank! Get the highest quality and best USB power banks available on the market at

Portable Power Banks

In a world full of battery-operated devices like smart phones, personal stereos, PSPs, digital cameras and other hand-held audio and video devices, access to a portable power bank that can provide on-the-spot charging has proven to be indispensable. offers the best selection of external battery chargers capable of providing power to battery-draining devices anytime, anywhere.

A USB power bank works as a wireless cell phone charger so you’ll never find yourself stuck without a phone again. These USB power banks are rechargeable through a micro-B input socket and plugs into devices to recharge by way of its regular USB output socket. We offer battery banks that also operate as a flashlight and a hand warmer, or if you prefer to recharge the “green” way, be sure to check out our solar power banks that can be charged from the built-in solar panel! We offer free shipping on orders of $100 or more!

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